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Switches and Sockets - Modular Series
Luxurious. Futuristic. Refined - probably the best choice of words to introduce the Kevilton Modular Series, which holds the promise to switch on the future in the comfort of your home. Select the sophisticated tones of Ivory, Champagne, Chrome or Platinum to enhance the ambience of your living spaces. The stylish elegance of the Kevilton Modular Series switches and sockets incorporate superior design and resilient materials to ensure extremely low contact resistance, while minimizing the watt loss and heat; making the products durable and their performance, robust. The in-built safety shutters keeps you secure from any electrical shock hazard while the easy removal of toggle and frame makes cleaning and maintenance of your Kevilton Modular Series electrical accessories very convenient. They also give you the added advantage of being able to customize the cover designs, to change the look and feel of your switches and sockets to suit your style and your home. The entire Kevilton Modular Series switches and sockets carry a lifetime warranty and we offer an excellent after sales service, which matches the high standard of the products you purchase from us. It’s time to switch on elegance.
Switches and Sockets - Nature Series
Kevilton presents 'Kumbuk, Teak and Mahogany' from Nature Series - a range of switches, switched socket outlets, controllers, communication socket outlets and auxiliary products to suit your exquisitely designed wooden interiors that truly complements your lifestyle. Beautifully crafted with wood grains that blend into your décor, delivering contemporary style and sophistication to your home or office. The exquisitely designed identical wood textures create a lasting appeal for your home or office interior. The entire Kevilton Nature Series switches and sockets carry a lifetime warranty and we offer an excellent after sales service, which matches the high standard of the products you purchase from us. Add a touch of Nature to your living or office space with Kevilton Nature Series.
Switches and Sockets - White Series
Kevilton White Series – Switches and Sockets offers the most comprehensive range of products to provide complete solutions for residential and commercial building applications. The entire product range of Kevilton wiring devices is suitable for standard 60.3 mm mounting and can accommodate up to 5 gang switches on a single plate A total range of wiring devices comprising of switches with 1 to 5 gangs and 13A sockets are available from Kevilton. In addition, the Kevilton White Series brings you voice and video outlets as well as 5 step and regular fan controllers. Also available are light dimmers and weather-proof as well as standard bell press. All products are manufactured in Sri Lanka and are fire-retardant, produced with high quality polycarbonate and pure brass component material, ensuring more durability. Kevilton assures an excellent after sales service for their White Series wiring device range which have both the SLS and ISO certification and comes with a lifetime warranty. Be sure to watch out for the pure white colored trademark of the Kevilton White Series.
Electrical Accessories
Explore the host of electrical accessories offered by Kevilton as your first choice in electrical product solutions for your residential, commercial or industrial spaces. Most of the accessories are manufactured in Sri Lanka at Kevilton’s very own production facility and are SLS certified for conforming to quality SLS standards. Kevilton electrical accessories are fire retardant and made with high endurance material such as polycarbonate engineering plastic and brass, for strength and durability.
Protection Devices - Systems
Safety is of prime importance at Kevilton and great care is taken to ensure that every electrical solution offered by Kevilton, protects the people and the environment in which they are used. The entire product portfolio of Kevilton Protection Systems is designed to enhance and ensure the safety factor in your home, office or industrial spaces. The entire range is available with standard colour toggle and has the air circulation facility enabled between RCCB, MCB and Isolators. Kevilton Protection Systems offer the distinct advantages of a comprehensive range with high breaking capacity, contemporary features and high performance, which are ideal for high rise buildings, commercial complexes and homes. Kevilton Protection Systems are produced adhering to stringent quality control standards, are SLS certified and come with a 10 year warranty. Make protection your first choice with Kevilton because safety cannot be compromised.
The portfolio of Kevilton lighting products has 03 categories: LED, CFL and GLS. Explore the choices which suit your budget and your setting to illuminate your life, your work and living spaces, the right way and the best way.